How to Reheat Subway Sandwich at Home 

A Subway sandwich is tasty and a healthy meal option you can enjoy any time of the day. Who enjoys adding ingredients to a fresh bread roll and your favorite sauces? A Subway sandwich can be prepared earlier then reheated when you want it.

If you’re like me and struggle to get through a full one, you can save half and reheat it later. Enjoy it later for a healthy snack or a meal with a side dish.

It‘s easy to reheat a sub and retain all those yummy flavors. Let’s check out how to reheat a Subway sandwich at home.

What are the different methods to Reheat Subway Sandwiches?

Reheat Subway Sandwich

So basically, there are different methods to reheat a Subway sandwich, and different people follow different methods to reheat.

However, today I am going to share methods that I personally use to reheat my Subway sandwich at home without compromising the taste.

It is quite important to make sure that you are not ruining your Subway sandwich in the reheating process, and to avoid it there are 3 methods that work best. 1) Air Fryer method 2) Microwave method and 3) Oven Method.

I will take you all with me in explaining all these three methods to reheat your Subway sandwich without making it soggy.

How to Reheat a Subway Sandwich in the Air Fryer

Air fryers are perfect for cooking or reheating so many different foods. Yes, that’s right, you can even reheat a Subway sandwich in one. Using an air fryer is easy and quick but keeps some crunch on top of the bun instead of being soggy when reheated. 

When reheating a Subway sandwich in the air fryer, it’s best to remove the top of the bun and add it again during the last 20 seconds of cooking time. Air fryers get hot, and being a small appliance with a huge bun, the bread on top can burn and overcook. Use a skewer to test if the inside of the subway roll is nice and warm; then, you can take it out and serve.

1. Take the top part of the sub off and place the sandwich in the air fryer basket

2. Cook on medium for a few minutes any longer, and you risk drying the sub out.

3. Place a skewer into the middle of the bun and check if it’s nice and warm

4. Open the door, place the top lid of the bun on, and cook for 20-30 seconds. 

5. Now you can serve.

Subway rolls can be served independently or with fresh chips or salad. 

Reheat Subway Sandwich

The Best Way to Reheat Subway Sandwich in the Microwave

We all own a microwave, and they are great for when we want to quickly reheat something without getting out the air fryer or starting up the oven. Microwaving your Subway sandwich will make it warm and still full of flavor. Remember, when using a microwave, you won’t be able to create the crunchy top like you would using other methods. Follow these steps to make the perfect reheated subway roll.

1. First, you must place the subway roll on a microwave-safe plate. 

2. Heat the roll for 30 seconds. Any longer, and you risk the roll going hard and dry.

3. Check to see if the roll is warm. If you would like it hotter, heat in 10-second intervals and keep checking until you have reached a temperature you’re happy with.

Using an Oven to Reheat Your Subway Sandwich

Most people prefer to use the oven to keep the crispness of the sandwich intact. It can take longer when you use the oven. It isn’t as harsh as the microwave and air fryer. The Oven won’t dry the food out as much.

1. Put the sandwich on a safe tray and cook on medium heat.

2. Heat the roll for ten minutes. It is advised to check after 5 minutes, depending on what ingredients are in the sub and how long it takes. 

3. Keep checking until the sandwich is at the temp you want. Serve and Enjoy.

Reheating Your Subway Using a Griller

When you reheat your Subway on a grill, the sub heats evenly and retains flavor. When using a BBQ to grill, it’s best to use a thermometer to ensure you get the proper temperature reading. A bbq can give your sandwich a smokey flavour.

1. Grease your grill tray with olive oil to stop it sticking. When the temperature has reached 300, you can place the sub on the rack. 

2. Heat the sandwich on one side for 2 minutes. Turn the roll over it and do the same thing.

3. Use the thermometer to check the temperature inside the sub to ensure it has heated evenly. 

Tips For Reheating a Subway Sandwich

There are a few considerations to think about when reheating your Subway sandwich. Here are the important ones:

 It is best not to use an air fryer or oven if your sandwich has mayonnaise or a similar sauce. The mayonnaise will turn into a liquid at high heat.

Lettuce and kale tend to wither and go soggy when heated. It’s best to remove these items from the sub before healing. You can place them back on the roll after heating it. 

Always remove the packaging before reheating. Some are wrapped in foil, which is not safe for the microwave. Cling film is another option for packing, and it isn’t heat-protected. It will melt into the food, which is not good for you.

When air fryer your subway roll, don’t leave it unattended. Air fryers can heat up quickly; overcooking your roll will dry it out and cause it to go hard.

Preheat your air fryer for 2 minutes before placing the food inside.

Cook in shorter increments when first trying the method. Some appliances are hotter than others.

If your Subway roll is dry, place a damp paper towel over the sub when microwaving. It can help to put the moisture back in.

Below is the video tutorial of different methods to reheat a subway sandwich.


When you have a subway roll, you cannot finish; there is no need to waste it when it can be reheated. Reheating is quick and easy without many dishes.

You can preserve the flavor by following the instructions carefully. Try each method to see which you like best. This will protect the bun from bacteria and bugs.

It will take less than ten minutes to reheat your Subway sandwich. You can do it from home or the office for a quick snack. Even when making a Subway sandwich from scratch, the above methods can be used to cook it.

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