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German Schwenkbraten Recipe

Let’s learn authentic German Schwenkbraten recipe. Today I will share the recipe of schwenkbraten along with my little personal story attached to this recipe. 😉 I am going to begin by telling you about one of my fondest culinary memories from the time we were stationed in Germany.  During the summer, quite often on the […]


List of Shocking Man Made Fruits and Vegetables

Have you ever thought of the possibility that some of the fruits and vegetables we consume are man-made? Do not be alarmed or question your favourite fruit’s taste. Also, you are not alone in this, and many people think all fruits and vegetables are naturally made.  Most of these man-made fruits and vegetables are hybrids […]


Best Substitutes for Rock Salt for Making Ice Cream

Today I am going to share some of the best substitutes for rock salt when making ice cream. It’s fun to make ice cream, and you can make so many flavors and ingredients.  One important ingredient when making ice cream is salt. The most common salt used in ice cream is rock salt. Rock salt […]


Pulled Pork Egg Rolls Recipe

Today I am going to share very interesting recipe of pulled pork egg rolls with y’all. So stay tuned. You know, the more I cook, the more I learn.  I learn about who I am as a cook.  I learn about different cooking techniques.  I learn about ways I can prepare food that will save […]


How to Reheat Subway Sandwich at Home 

A Subway sandwich is tasty and a healthy meal option you can enjoy any time of the day. Who enjoys adding ingredients to a fresh bread roll and your favorite sauces? A Subway sandwich can be prepared earlier then reheated when you want it. If you’re like me and struggle to get through a full […]

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Pumpkin Butter Bars Recipe

Yeah, it’s Fall.  How do I know?  Well, because the Pumpkin Butter Bars are being served in Williams-Sonoma stores across the country.  Every year, about the first week in August, loyal Williams-Somona customers start asking, “When will the Pumpkin Butter be in the store”?  And an even more critical question, “When will you start making […]


Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake *Delicious*

Whenever I crave a milkshake, I always make myself a tasty chocolate chip cookie milkshake, and today I am going to share the recipe for the same. Oh! Definitely, cookies are one of the best calories that you never regret consuming. And when it’s a chocolate chip cookie that’s like the cherry on top. But […]

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Old Fashioned Lemon Bars

I know, Old Fashioned Lemon Bars…who doesn’t love them?  This is one of those beautiful baked items that truly are an old fashioned treat.  Many of us can remember our grandmothers making these at one time or another.  I will have to admit, I usually do not bake these until the holidays.  But, let’s be […]


Air Fryer Fried Chicken KFC Copycat Recipe

We all know KFC’s chicken but have you ever wondered how to replicate that same taste at home? well, today I am going to teach you Air Fryer Fried Chicken KFC Copycat Recipe. Have you perhaps switched over to a  healthy lifestyle and consumed a healthy diet only? But you also crave your favorite crispy […]