Best Substitutes for Rock Salt for Making Ice Cream

Today I am going to share some of the best substitutes for rock salt when making ice cream.

It’s fun to make ice cream, and you can make so many flavors and ingredients. 

One important ingredient when making ice cream is salt. The most common salt used in ice cream is rock salt. Rock salt is the best option as it has large grains that are important for ice cream freezing.

Fortunately, if you realize while making ice cream that you don’t have any rock salt, there are some rock salt substitutes you can use. Read on to find out what they are.

Here Are The 6 Rock Salt Alternatives to Use When Making Ice Cream

Salt substitutes can still work, but you don’t need to add as much salt as the recipe demands.

Salts that are a perfect substitute are Himalayan salt, Kosher, Epsom, and coarse sea salt. Maldon sea salt and table salt are the least preferred for ice cream, but they work if you’re stuck in a pinch.

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt is just like rock salt and is the best salt for ice cream. It does not contain iodine or any other additive like caking agents.

The good thing about kosher salt is it won’t cake up and leave big clumps in the rest of your ice cream. It’s the perfect salt substitute when using it to make ice cream.

If the recipe says rock salt and you’re using kosher salt, then you need to use half as much. If the recipe says two tablespoons of rock salt, you only need one tablespoon of kosher salt. 

Himalayan Pink Salt

The Himalayan pink salt comes in many grains. When using it for ice cream, you need to choose the biggest grain there is, if possible. Although small grains will also do the job just not as good. 

Himalayan salt will add a different flavor to the ice cream as where it comes from has a high mineral content.

When you use this type of salt as a substitute for rock salt, you can use the same amount listed for the rock salt. You can use one tablespoon of Himalayan salt for each tablespoon of rock salt needed.

Epsom Salts

When making ice cream, many people tend to not use Epsom salts, and I don’t know why people avoid using them. It is a very good salt and can be used as the best substitute for rock salt in ice cream.

It is in fact very good for your body, it also gives a unique flavor to ice cream, thanks to its bitter flavor.

Also, Epsom salts have one hidden fact and that is not an actual salt, Surprised, right? it is mostly used in ice cream just to give it a bitter flavor and of course, it also helps in freezing the ice cream which is the main point of using salts in ice cream.

So, if you are running out of rock salt and don’t know what to use then Epsom salt can be used in the place of rock salt while making ice cream.

Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon sea salt is like kosher salt but isn’t used as much as a salt substitute in ice cream due to its expensive price tag. If Maldon salt is all you have in your cupboard, it will work great for ice cream, but don’t go out just to buy this salt for ice cream, as cheaper substitutes work just the same.

Maldon salt does not contain iodine or additives but has a unique flavor. Maldon sea salt is designed to give a beautiful flavor and a nice finish, so it is expensive to buy.

Using it in ice cream will give it an enjoyable taste. To use Maldon Sea salt in ice cream, make sure you use half of the amount of rock salt the recipe asks for.

So, if you need to use two tablespoons of rock salt, opt for one tablespoon of Maldon sea salt.

Coarse Sea Salt

Coarse sea salt is a good alternative to rock salt when making ice cream. The salt has bigger crystals and takes longer to dissolve so you won’t get big clumps of salt in the ice cream.

The taste is not much different from that of rock salt. When using coarse sea salt instead of rock salt, you want to use one-fourth of a teaspoon to one tablespoon of kosher salt.

When used in the correct proportion, coarse sea salt adds a lovely flavor to the ice cream. 

Coarse sea salt is natural and has a decent shelf life; it is cheaper than regular table salt. When using coarse sea salt for ice cream, you want to use one-fourth the amount you would use for rock salt.

So, if the recipe calls for four tablespoons of rock salt, you would use one tablespoon of coarse salt.

Table Salt 

Should you use table salt in ice cream? well, only if that’s the only option that you have. Table salt is not really recommended to add to ice cream, but when you can not get your hands on any of the above-discussed salts then at that time table salt can sail your boat.

Generally, the table salt that we have in our kitchen has so many additives that can alter the flavor of ice cream in a bad way.

Also, compared to rock salt, in terms of freezing the ice cream, table salt won’t work as well as rock salt. Though sodium is there the granules are not as big as rock salt.

One advantage of using table salt is it is cheaper than rock salt and it is quite easily available.

When using rock salt in an ice cream recipe, you want to use one-third of what you would for rock salt. If the recipe asks for three tablespoons of rock salt, you will only use one tablespoon of table salt.

Can Ice Cream Be Made Without Salt?

Well, salt are essential ingredient in ice cream, it is not used for taste purposes but to lower the temperature.

Without adding salts like rock salt or any other above-mentioned salt to ice cream, the ice cream simply won’t freeze and to freeze it properly salts are added.

If you want to experiment then you can do it at your home as well, Just make an ice cream mixture and don’t add salt, you will end up with a creamy-like product but not a solid ball.

So, if you don’t want to end up with a sloppy mess, simply add above discussed rock salt substitutes for ice cream and you will get a crunchier version that actually tastes like real ice cream.


The good thing about making homemade ice cream is that you can use salt substitutes if you don’t have any rock salt in the kitchen.

Large-grain-sized salt will give you the best outcome, but any type will do if you desperately want ice cream. Table salt can be used, but it is our least favorite.

Making ice cream is fun when playing with different ingredients and flavors.

If you don’t have rock salt on hand or cannot get it in the store, knowing that you can still make ice cream with another type of salt will keep everyone at home happy.

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